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The contemporary computing infrastructure was built for IT. None of its components should be considered "Trusted", because they are in fact not trustworthy. Design and implementation defects in these components give rise to vulnerabilities, that in turn become critical security flaws, undermining the trusted nature of these components. As such the entire contemporary computing infrastructure, including the security sub-systems, are built on top of a foundation of sand. We believe compute should be built on a rock-solid foundation. 

Computing should run on BedRock Systems!

This is especially important now that the world is changing. EveryTHING that was once isolated is now becoming intelligent and connected. Cars are becoming software.  EveryTHING is becoming software.  

Safety AND Security affects all of us.  They go hand in hand.  The avalanche of legitimate security issues – and fear of future unknowns – hold back entire industries and their customers. With BedRock Systems, safety and security isn’t just a perception, it’s a formally proven reality.  

BedRock Systems is for the real world.  The BedRock Systems foundation does not require painful up-stack changes.  The foundation for the modern world must embrace existing compute, operating systems, and ecosystems.  With a BedRock Systems foundation, innovation is unlocked, new services are launched, and revenue grows.  Businesses can evolve at software speeds.

BedRock Systems is a stealth startup with a global team.  Our platform is based upon cutting-edge technology and leverages the latest development methodologies and tools. We were founded by industry veterans who built large successful companies from scratch.  Our top-notch team is a mixture of the best from industry and academia. 

Come transform the computing landscape.  Join the BedRock Systems team!